Ulcerative Colitis, Motherhood + Entrepreneurship with an Ayurvedic Practitioner

Season #1 Episode #81

Angela Perger is a nature-loving mama of two beach babies and an Ayurveda practitioner. She teaches Ayurveda and Yoga because these ancient sciences continue to give her the tools to thrive despite diagnoses of ulcerative colitis and a rare autoimmune liver condition. Her purpose is to share how you can incorporate the wisdom of these teachings into your everyday modern life so that you can be your happiest, healthiest self.

Tune in to hear -

8:47 - Angela's journey with IBS

14:55 - Symptoms so challenging that they limited her to the house

17:22 - Experiencing extreme distrust in your body

22:05 - On whether or not we can ever be "fully" healed

27:35 - Karma and chronic illness

34:15 - Taking the shame out of getting support

38:30 - Infusing Ayurveda into business

46:01 - Tools that support burnout

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