How to Manifest Using the Chakra System

Season #1 Episode #84

Erica is a modern medicine woman. Trained as a Naturopathic Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Reiki Master, massage therapist and multidisciplinary yoga instructor, she brings a truly holistic lens to health. Whether in private practice, classes or retreats, her work addresses the physical, mental, emotional and energetic obstacles to wellbeing and the art and science of healing.

We love her understanding of the Chakra system, and we talk about how to manifest using the chakras in this episode. Tune in to hear -

0:45 - The impact of losing her mother to cancer at a young age

4:30 - Blending allopathic and holistic science in her work

12:58 - Dr. Matluck's definition of manifestation

16:07 - How to Manifest using the Chakra System

27:20 - Collective blocks within the Chakras

33:06 - How she came to create her own perspective and pyschology of the Chakras

37:45 - Working with Kundalini and the Chakra system

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