Your Hormones + the Cycles of the Moon

Jul 07, 2023

I have been magnetically pulled to the beauty of the moon 🌚 for as long as I can remember. I love how she shines so majestically ✨ on her full appearances, completely unafraid to take up space and be the showstopper in the sky 🌌. I also love how she courageously shows her shadows to us once a month, letting us know there are ebbs and flows 🌊 to this thing we call life.


When I started to dive deeper into vedic wisdom, I became obsessed with what the moon represented: intuition 👁, the feminine 💜, mother, emotional intelligence and nurturer 🤰. I had realized that I had hid these forms of expression in my life and it was greatly contributing to my imbalances. I had suffered from amenorrhea, a lack of menses with a cycle of burnout and basing my worth off of my productivity 🤬.


Needless to say the wisdom of the moon was everything I needed in my life. I desired being fully in my feminine 💜, allowing myself to receive opportunities, gifts and compliments with total gratitude and fulfillment. I desired finding my inner flow of accepting what God was giving me in each challenge and obstacle. I desired extremely talented, intuitive gifts that brought me inner peace 🤗, empowerment 💥 and wisdom. I envisioned myself flowing throughout my day with full belly breaths, moving slowly and intentionally and dressed like the Queen 👸🏼I wanted to be.


But I couldn't help but think, "I am so far from that". How on (literal) Earth 🌍 can I be like the Moon? How am I able to find a flow with the moon 🌚🌘  when I am praised for neglecting my body's desire to rest and pause and celebrated for pushing through? How am I able to accept my challenges when it is an obstacle I have been trying to hurdle for years without the resolution I want? How can I deepen my intuitive gifts 🔮 when I feel safer dissociating from my body by engaging in experiences that make me more liked by the masses like drinking in social settings 🍷, eating food that aches my body and neglecting my spiritual practices for other plans?


Although the distance from my desire to my goal seemed far, I started to gather lots of research as my 1 line in human design loves to do. I read 'In the Flo' by Alisa Vriti and "Heal Your Hormones, Heal Your Life" by Dr.Claudia Welch along with the guidance of many other female wisdom teachers 💕. I had many revelations during that time.


One - I realized that nature's moon cycle mirrors our inner moon cycle 🌝. By following the phases of the moon, we can learn to optimize our hormones.


Two - I realized that the moon represents our mind and emotions 💚 in vedic astrology, so while diet and lifestyle practices are foundational for hormone healing, emotional tending and mind clearing are non-negotiables.


Once I gathered all my information, I couldn't help but ponder the connection to Ayurveda and the moon. If Ayurveda gives us resources for healing our hormones, what is the connection to the wisdom of the moon?


What I found was that the cycles of the moon link to each of the doshas and deepen my understanding of my two major revelations about moon healing. When we are in harmony with those doshas, we feel balanced in our hormones (i.e. stable energy ⚡️, deep sleep, clear mind 😚, optimized digestion). What I also found is that not only can be heal our mind, body and spirit with these cycles, we can also align our business to the cycles of the moon to optimize our success! Here is what I have explored and found to be true for each doshic moon cycle. 


Kapha Moon Cycle 💚

This starts the day after your last day of menstruation. It can be likened to your follicular stage of your cycle when your hormones are starting to come online again. This is when creativity and collaboration are accessible! When you are out of balance here, you may feel difficult to wake up in the mornings, experience water retention or weight gain, feel sluggish and motivated and/or have mucus related issues.


Pitta Moon Cycle ❤️

This usually occurs during week two and three of your cycle known as ovulatory and luteal. This is when we have the ability to be extremely productive and maximize on our full energy levels. When you are out of balance here, you may experience textbook classic PMS symptoms: acne, anger, frustration, hot temperatures, gas with an odor, burning indigestion and looser stools.


Vata Moon Cycle 💜

This starts the first day of your bleed, known as the menstruation cycle. The Vata part of your cycle represents downward movement, when you are releasing blood and the shedding of your uterine lining. This is when you are most intuitive, reflective and desire nurturance. When you are out of balance here, you may experience: cramps, exhaustion, constipation, bloating, gas and anxiety.


Pretty fascinating stuff right?! Stay tuned next week to hear my treatments and rituals for aligning during each moon phase cycle and healing your hormones.


I also want to note that I didn't infer nature's moon cycle was in reference to your inner moon cycle. This is because it is different for each person! Each person has a unique mind, body and spirit with different life experiences, so it would be ridiculous to think that everyone would need to bleed on the same cycle of the month every year. 


That is all for now! Happy Moon Healing 🌚!



Angelica Rose

The Divine Feminine Healer