Why We All Need to Awaken to Our Intuition

intuition spiritual Mar 23, 2022


What is the first thing you do when you get sick?

Take advil/over the counter drugs, call up your doctor, google search your disease…

So often when we are faced with a bodily challenge, our first inclination is to seek the answer outside of ourselves. Well, someone else must know better about the body than me. While certainly we can hold doctors and therapists in high regard for their knowledge in their field, no one knows your unique body like you do.

Because the truth is you probably felt yourself getting sick right before or at least had an idea in your head that you should be slowing down more. And that beautiful little voice is what we like to call - intuition, our greatest teacher and guiding light.

There are too many examples to count of how our culture has tried to dim the light on our intuition from bombarding us with ‘quick-fix’ medications and supplements to consistently instilling fear on media outlets. It makes sense to understand why we may be farther from listening to the voice within.

The beauty of this life is that it is never too late to wake the f up and flick the switch on your golden compass. and YES, we all have a golden compass that is waiting to be activated and used on the reg.


Learning how to activate your intuition is what my 'Divine Feminine Healer's Academy' is built on. Because when we have access to the voice within, we learn how to heal our mind, body and soul and live our soul's purpose.

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Angelica Rose

The Divine Feminine Healer