What to do if you don’t like posting on IG?

Feb 27, 2024

I know whenever I feel a strong charge ⚑️ towards doing a practice or project for my business, it is something I need to get curious about. As intuitives, you may think initially that if something doesn't feel good, you need to run in the opposite direction πŸƒπŸ»‍♂️. But if you think back in your life to your greatest accomplishments, was it a furry, pink carpeted road πŸ’• to get you there? It hasn't been for me, that's for sure! In fact, I've realized that the project I am MOST adverse to doing is usually the one that becomes the most pivotal for my business 🫣.

Let's take the example of me refusing to show my face on IG 😳 the first (official) year of my biz. I was horrified of people from high school finding my page and laughing hysterically or my family thinking I was a wack-a-doo 😡‍πŸ’« for sharing my intuitive insights all over IG. I covered these beliefs with the reasoning that I didn't want to show up on IG as everyone else, being too sales-y or just trying to get attention. Sheesh with all those limiting beliefs it is no wonder I avoided it for a year πŸ™€.

I remember everything changes when I decided to do a full IG spread on my day in the life as an Ayurvedic Practitioner. I am alllll about efficiency, so I agreed with my biz partner at the time that videoing myself doing my practices would be most effectiveπŸ€“ than sharing another blog. I went into it terrified and with a perfectionist undertone 😀 to get the perfect shots (i mean this was my first debut, it had to be good!) By the fifth or so story, I was over that and actually found a huge amount of pleasure being in the creative process ❀️.

Why? Well, for a while, it felt like I was living under a rock doing my intuitive practices ✌🏼🧘🏼‍♀️. So, it felt good to finally share them with others. What felt even more amazing was all the DMs I got from it. People asking further questions, sharing their routines... I felt brought back to life 🀩 with these deeper connections. It was then that I realized the more I put myself out there, the more opportunities πŸ’Ž I had to connect with my people.

Now, I know it may not seem like I have this problem of showing up on IG today 🫣, but you are wrong my friend! The fear of being seen runs deep, as it does for a lot of healers, and I am constantly unveiling her tricky, webbed, layers πŸ•ΈοΈ. Just recently I had planned to take a month off IG to reset and restore my creative well. Here we are, more than a 1.5 month later, and I am just getting back my creative groove 🫠.

So, what you do if you don't like posting on IG? Were you hoping I would say, 'fuck it! Live under a rock! You'll people will magically find you!' πŸ€ͺ, then I implore you to get curious about why you dislike posting so much. It is nuanced for everyone. Some may feel like they have no idea where to begin, others may feel that no one will even see their posts 😣 and some may think that they don't have the proper software/technology to post effectively. While these are all valid points, they are also costumes wearing the fear of being seen.


I said it! It is much easier to blame external factors for your current circumstances rather than taking responsibility for them. Can you imagine being in a conversation with someone saying - " ya, the reason I am not where I want to be in my business is because I am afraid to put my face on IG.'  They would say - 'oh gosh! I think you need to just get over that!' Not very helpful advice, right?


So how do you begin to etch away at this nagging fear?


For starters reflect on this. Who is that one person that you are terrified of seeing your posts 😳? What does their voice sound like? How does it reinforce this belief?

Now reflect and ask yourself- do you believe this is true about what you are sharing 🧐? Are you going to allow this person to continuously silence you? How can you heal this relationship and reclaim the part of yourself you deemed as unlovable? What is the cost of you NOT sharing your intuitive voice with the world?

Now post from that place lovely spiritual healer πŸ˜‡! P.S. We just had a full moon in Leo which is all about stepping into your power, so use this energy wave to take the next step in being visible in your business and take back where you are giving away your power πŸ”₯🦁!




Angelica Rose

The Intuitive Biz Coach