Vata Season, The OG PSL

Sep 18, 2023

I am a summer lover through and through. I can take the sunshine all day everyday, which is why my Midwestern born self moved across the country to Los Angeles🌞. However, even a Leo Sun (in western astrology) lovesss when we transition into Fall. I know my family and friends would eye roll at LA's Fall temps, but there is a certain 'je ne sais quoi' about this time of the year 🍁.

Why do we love Fall sooo much?! Is it the mother's finally getting back their freedom after crammed summer schedules without an ounce of quiet time 😊? Is it the anticipation of the holiday season with heart warming decorations πŸŽ„, homemade, gooey apple pie πŸ₯§ and a deep connection of being around loved ones? Is it the feeling of soft cashemere against our fading sunkist skin?

While our capitalistic society certainly loves to make a few bucks off a pumpkin spice oil change (yes I saw this as a joke one time in Chicago πŸ˜‚), I refuse to believe that our love for Fall is only created from our ever consuming, capitalistic society. Instead, I choose to believe that our deep lust for Fall comes from the profound connection to our intuition πŸ˜‡

After months of being our best extroverted, Leo selves (this is when the sun transits Leo in astrology), we inevitable need time to rest and go inward πŸ‘. The party must end. As the cold, dry breeze chills our bones πŸ₯Άand flakes our skin, our bodies crave grounding foods like butternut squash and sweet potatoes πŸ₯” coated in golden ghee βœ¨and warm spices. As the sun begins to set earlier, we have more time to tend to our spiritual practices like attending a breathwork class, healing moon ceremony 🌚 or imbibing in a lavendar, vetivier and sea salt bath at home πŸ›. As the sun begins to set earlier, our internal circadian rhythm longs to wake up earlier and create a grounding morning routine 🌞 to set ourselves into ease and success for the day.

When I was a kid, of course, I dreaded the Fall when school was back in session. But now with wisdom I realize the summer tastes sweeter because of it πŸ‘. Here are all the rituals I will be slowly adding into my rituals to harmonize with Mother Nature this Vata Season πŸ‚.


Cook with ghee + vata warming spices πŸ”₯

I like to change cooking with olive oil to ghee during Vata Season and add in spices like cardamom, cinnamon, clove and cumin. My digestion can definitely tend towards bloating, gas and constipation with the colder and dryer temps. This simple change lubricates the digestive tract and stokes agni to keep things moving and grooving.

Nourish with the sweet taste πŸ₯”πŸ₯©

In Ayurveda, we balance Vata with the sweet, salty and sour taste. The sweet taste is made up of Earth and Water and has the energetics of being grounding and tissue building. At the farmer's market, I look for grass fed, organic, sustainably sourced bison meat and chicken, freshly picked, crisp, juicy apples and root vegetables like butternut squash and sweet potatoes. The fiber of the root vegetables assists in regular BMs. The amino acid profile of the meats builds strength and resilience to my tissues.

Establish a solid morning routine ⏰

I'll be honest. After five years of practicing Ayurveda, my morning routine is solid AF, no matter the season. But I do like to make mini adjustments such as waking up earlier, so I wake up with the sun and adding in more heat into my workouts like attending hot yoga classes. I am strict at starting my night time routine at 9pm sharp, so I have at least an hour to be away from blue light and wind down into a dreamy slumber. Vata imbalances like insomnia can be excaberated during this time, so night time routine becomes king.

Invite in grounding rituals 🍡

I was channeling an intuitive message for a client the other day and her guides wanted her to ground. She asked what grounding meant and while there are specific practices like smushing our toes in the sand and meditating can be grounded for all, it also is individualized. For this client, what grounded her was connecting to higher wisdom and staying committed to her Buddhist studies. For me, grounding looks like going for a walk without any podcast or external stimuli and drinking a hot cup of reishi tea with a splash of goat milk.


Imbibe in an abhyanga/self oil massage πŸ’†πŸΌ‍♀️

Let's be real, I abhyanga year round. It is one of my absolute favorite Ayurvedic rituals. However, I do switch from the lightness of coconut oil to the nutty tones of sesame oil seeped in grounding EOs like vetivier, sandalwood and lavendar in Vata Season. My secret lil trick is to start a warm sea, salt bath while I abhyanga, so it is ready by the time I am down with my self oiling session. This helps the oil seeps deeper into my tissues. If I am really feeling vibey, I infuse my bath with reiki energy and am sent away into a world of pure bliss.


Practice alum vilom breath 🌬

As a kundalini yogi, I loveee breathwork. I may dread it initially, but nothing makes me feel like a shiny, sparkly channel for divine healing energy than some good ole fashioned inhales and exhales. Certain breath techniques can be very stimulating to the nervous system, so if I am feeling extraaa Vata-y, I will opt for alum vilom, alternate nostril breathing. This breath technique is very grounding, soothing and balances masculine and feminine energies in the body.