Sacral Chakra Medicine for Pittas + Hormone Healing

Jun 13, 2023

When I think about healing Pitta imbalances and aligning with Pitta Season, of course, what comes to mind is including more greens πŸ₯¬ in my diet to keep the liver clear and cleansedπŸ›. I think about having breaks in my day and cooling breathing techniques like sheetali πŸ’¨to cool the mind and ground my nervous system. These are the initial essentials of healing the body and mind.


But if we only see and practice Ayurveda from this lens, we miss healing the deepest layer - the spiritual body. The body that is unseen and connects us to Source. The body that we are significantly sensitive to from the clear indications of just walking in a room and knowing the vibe is off. The crystal clear dream 😴 that affirms we are in fact in the right place at the right time ❢❢❢.


If we are having these intuitive experiences in our life, then our healing journey will require this level of depth. According to Ayurveda, the ancient rishis actually put the most emphasis on the spiritual body ✨, saying that disease is first created with a disconnection in spirit. I have validated this through my own experience when I first learned about the chakra system, a system to understand the spiritual body and its unique connection to the mind and body, and how I learned I had a sacral chakra block ❌. I was mystified that a chakra diagnosis could understand my life experiences so damn well πŸ™€. I was burnt out, had poor boundaries, a female reproductive imbalance and This was further validated in my early 20s, after a cathartic reiki II attunement, that triggered my menses after a 3 year disappearance πŸ˜‡.


I have been using the chakra system 🌈 for my personal healing journey and for 100s of clients ever since. So now that we know it is essential to use the chakra system to heal. Let’s get into what chakras need to be healed during Pitta Season or when we have a Pitta imbalance. I present to you the sacral chakra 🧑.


The sacral chakra represents the water element 🌊, the feminine πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ, our emotionsπŸ’•, our intuition πŸ‘ and our creativity πŸ’₯. It lives in the womb. But you can imagine what happens when an unstable Pitta fire burns out this luscious, prana filled water and leaves smoldered crumbles πŸ”₯ of ashes. Creativity becomes stifled 😢, intuition becomes blocked 😦 and exhaustion sets in πŸ˜–.


This is where I see women becoming extremely rigid in their ways. They may constantly be in the fight response with overworking at their job and having no time for joy and play πŸ˜”. I see women lose boundaries and forgo their needs and wants in order to maintain someone else’s. I see a lot of trauma in the womb from past sexual experiences and undigested emotions from early childhood. I see this manifest in physical form with female reproductive imbalances like PCOS, pms symptoms, endometriosis, infertility, etc.


Since Pitta Season, the summer time, activates the fire element, this time of year can amplify our Pitta induced hormonal imbalances. This can show up as acne, pms symptoms 🀬 (cramps, anger, chronic condition flareups 1 week before period), burnout, heat exhaustion πŸ˜° and quick temper.


These are some of my current fave Pitta balancing rituals I use to balance my sacral chaka and keep my womb full of life-force energy.


Eat orange, nourishing foods πŸ§‘πŸŠπŸ‘- While eating greens cleanses the liver and is important for Pittas, the bitter taste must also be balanced by inviting in the sweet taste. Foods that are grounding and nourishing can soothe the intestinal lining of Pittas that often gets inflamed. Since the sacral chakra represents the color orange, eating foods that are grounding and orange can fill your sacral cup beyond. Sweet potatoes and carrots are great to incorporate into your dishes for this.


Practice Creative Rituals πŸ’₯- This practice is often the first to go in a Pitta’s life as it is seen as a luxury or non-essential. However, when you want to ditch this practice is most likely when you need it to the most. Creativity soothes mental stimulation and connects us back to our spiritual body. When it is turned on, we feel alive and back in the flow of life 🌊. After all, life is run on creation. Opportunities flood in ✨ and ideas run rampant when you consistently bring in creative rituals like drawingπŸ‘©‍🎨, painting 🎨, dancing πŸ•Ί and writing πŸ“ into your life.


Digest Your Emotions πŸ€—πŸ’•- Pittas can be known for closing their heart and being emotionless. Often times they were told that their emotions were too intense, so they learned to numb or dim them. However, these emotions are connected to divine intelligence and we tune them out, we tune out our connection to spirit πŸ˜‡. Bringing daily awareness to the wave of emotions we experience and fully feeling them is a practice. Often times our culture doesn’t allow for this innate practice as we are conditioned to hide our pain and shame. Journaling at the end of the day πŸ“ to release your emotions and do a lil check in works well for staying on top of emotional digestion.


Align Your Menses to the Cycle of the Moon πŸŒš - I am going to have a full training on this in the months to come as it is an expansive topic. To get started, start tracking your menses with an app to learn your body’s beautiful ebbs and flows. You can also start tracking the cycles of the moon to see how you fluctuate emotionally and mentally. When you remember your innate connection to the moon and align it with your menses, you connect with your divine feminine essence and find your natural flow.


Yoni Steam to Clear Womb Trauma -  I have have loved doing yoni steams recently. They can help to initiate menses and clear out old blood from past cycles. This will definitely clear a lot emotionally as well. Lavender and rose πŸŒΉ are herbs that are cooling for Pitta imbalances and balance clearing and nourishing the tissues of the vagina.


Create Strong Boundaries πŸ™…πŸΌ‍♀️- Knowing your needs and wants is essential for sacral chakra healing. This is tied to following your intuition. In order to build boundaries with others, it is wise to first assess your personal boundaries. What are your non-negotiables? The rituals and vices you need to operate at your fullest potential πŸ€—? Be clear and on top of keeping these as a foundation in your life.


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Angelica Rose

The Divine Feminine Healer