Gently Transitioning into Pitta Season

Jun 09, 2023

Although we officially start Pitta Season on June 21st in the northern hemisphere, some of us may already be feeling the push into summer πŸŒžπŸ˜….

For those of us that are prone to Pitta imbalances that are largely related to inflammation πŸ”₯, chronic conditions, acne, hot body temperatures, anger 🀬 and having a harsh inner critic voice πŸ™€, this can be amplified during this time of year.

Luckily, the beautiful science of Ayurveda, gives us diet and lifestyle practices to harmonize our body πŸ€—, so we can enjoy the summer without melting into a hot, sweaty puddle πŸ’¦.

What I love about the recommendations I take on with Ayurveda is that they just require small adjustments to our diet and lifestyle practices.

These are some of the slight changes I am making to my life right now to prepare my Pitta dominant body for summer πŸ‘™!

Consume Bitter Greens πŸ₯¬ - I loveeee the bitter taste as a whole, so I am pretty much eating greens year round. However, in drying seasons like Fall and Winter, I have to monitor my raw green intake as it can cause Vata imbalances like dryness, constipation and gas. In the summertime, I love loading up on arugula and romaine salads πŸ₯—and sautéing my beloved kale. I also am obsessed with dark chocolate πŸ« and while it can be heating for summer, I enjoy it with moderation as it has the bitter taste.

Longer Cool Downs πŸ˜…- Whenever an Ayurvedic practitioner has tried to advise me to workout less, I completely stopped listening πŸ™‰. This is true for a lot of Pittas. Part of their sanity is having a rigorous physical routine. However, over time this can lead to pitta imbalances like inflammation, high estrogen and burnout πŸ’₯. While this may eventually look like adding in some yin πŸ’†πŸΌ‍♀️ and sound healings to your life, you can start more simply by extending your cool down at the end of your workouts. I love ending with breathing techniques and a long meditation. This calms the nervous system, so you enter your day relaxed πŸ™‚ vs. high strung.

Earlier Wake Up Time β° - Aligning with nature is what Ayurveda is all about. Currently, in LA, sunrise is at 545am. I am noticing my body naturally wanting to wake up earlier in the day. I try to get outside as early in the morning as possible to receive the natural red light therapy from the sun 🌞. This can reset our circadian rhythm, which resets our digestion, sleep and energy levels ⚑️!

Moon Lit Walks 🌚 - The moon has a cooling and nurturing quality to her that is very balancing for Pittas. I love talking a Moonlit stroll in the evening to cool down after a hot day and enjoy the stars ⭐️. Star gazing also helps invite in the ether element which gives Pittas the space to digest the stimulation of the day and put things back into perspective.

Gratitude Journal πŸ’• - It is easy to get caught in the heat of the mind 🀬 and heart during Pitta season, so I amp up my gratitude game. Sometimes I write things I am proud of myself for. Other times, if people are bringing me challenge, I will do a meta peace meditation or take a moment to find the real reason I was so triggered by them 🀯.

Eat Juicy Fruits πŸ‰ - Yessss finally!! Give me all the papaya, mangoes, berries and citruses πŸ‹. I also love coconut πŸ₯₯ meat to cool the body. Especially if you feel like your appetite has been in overdrive, these fruits are great for cooling the digestive system.

Which rituals are you taking on to prep for Pitta Season?!

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