Kapha Season: How to Get Unstuck in Your Biz

Mar 19, 2024

Happy Spring Equinox 🌷🐰! In the northern hemisphere, this marks a distinct time where we shift from the heaviness of winter into the lightness of Spring. Naturally, my body always wants to linger in the heaviness before making the shift. I notice myself having difficulty getting up in the morning πŸ₯±, resisting movement practices πŸƒ‍β™€οΈπŸƒ‍♀️ and avoiding social interactions. All of these being the very antidote to happiness and healing for this time of year.


So albeit kicking and screaming, I naturally transition by getting off my phone in the morning πŸ“² and starting my day with natural inspiration like sunshine β˜€οΈ, music, movement and self reflections πŸ‘.  I incorporate green vegetables like kale in my meals to gently cleanse my liver and sour fruits like grapefruit for an additional cleansing effect πŸ’¦. I carve out time on the weekend to clean out my cabinets and scrub the hard to reach spots 🧼. The clouds begin to clear, and I can feel pockets of lightness illuminating what was once dense and dark in my life ⚑️.


As healers, we know how to move energy. So if your business is a reflection of your body, wouldn't it be time for a lil spring cleaning for your biz πŸ˜‰? Let's explore what this looks like.


First, notice what is feeling heavy, dense and sticky in your business. Are you feeling stuck creatively 😫? Is it radio silent from acquiring new clients πŸ‘€? Does your offer feel stale and a bit crusty? These are all signs of a Kapha imbalance for your business, so let's heal!


The first step is always awareness. I don't know about you, but sometimes this is the most difficult for me. When I have to admit there is an issue in my business, I avert as much as possible, because I want to stay optimistic in this lonely biz!


'No clients? That's okay, I will get some soon!' πŸ€₯

'No creative ideas? I'll catch a wave tomorrow!' πŸ˜”

'Feeling blah with my current program? It happens to everyone!' πŸ˜“


While we can meet these challenges with compassion πŸ’“, they are also giving us deep insight as to what needs to shift for our business. So let's apply the law of opposites and shift our business out of the creative rut and start pouring in new clients πŸ’Ž.


Stuck in a creative rut?

Think of this as your resistance to getting out of bed in the morning and doing a movement practice. In order to shift, you need to inspire yourself with a new environment to foster a new habit. Cue disco music πŸͺ©, 2 min cold shower and heading to a new workout class!

How can you apply this to your biz? Choose a new collaborate work from home environment πŸ’πŸΌ‍♀️, create content solely about what is inspiring you right now rather than what you think you need to post and practice a fun, creative ritual🎨 that has nothing to do with your business.


Not receiving new clients?

Think of this as your inclination to stay hidden under a rock and hibernating 😀. There is an allure to staying cozy and curled up with a movie, but truly your soul wants connection and to hang out with friends. Once you finally do make plans, you feel like you are brought back to life πŸ™πŸ».


Apply this to your biz by starting new conversations with past or potential clients. Email past clients to see what is new in their world and what their current goals are, create a growth strategy on IG to attract new followers and surround yourself with other spiritual entrepreneurs πŸ‘―‍♀️ for extra motivation and collab opportunities. Collaborations are incredible for tapping into a similiar audience and introducing yourself to a new pool of potential clients.


Not getting any sales with your current offering?

Think of this like choosing your favorite comfort, winter meal again πŸ›and then realizing after that you feel heavy and sleepy 😴. You know you need to switch up your diet to be more spring forward like having more greens πŸ’š and fruits, but your body is used to what it has known for the past 3-4 months. This is when I make a shift to see what kind of spring foods my body is excited about πŸ₯¬, because right now broccoli is not it. However, a shaved brussel sprouts salad with sauteed kale in a miso vinaigrette sounds delectable!

Apply this to your biz by first acknowledging you are entering a new season for your business. What used to inspire you is slowly evolving into a new niche and offering ✌🏼. While that can certainly feel like a big undertaking, start with what sparks your curiosity πŸ’₯. What have you recently loved learning about? What books and podcasts are you pulled to πŸŽ™? What kind of influencers do you love following? Look for similar themes as this develops into an offering you are actually passionate about!


Alright spiritual entrepreneurs, kapha season has got nothing on us! But if you are feeling like you need more support working through any of the above three blocks, DM me @angelica_feminine_healer 'kapha' and I will send more support your way!



Angelica Rose

The Intuitive Marketing Coach