How Megan Self Healed + Successfully Built Her Business with Ayurveda

Nov 14, 2022

The universe always sends you the right people when it knows you need them.

Six months ago, I was struggling with hormonal imbalances (PCOS), digestion issues, and spiritual blockages. After completing The Divine Feminine Healer's program I gained more clarity and self discovery than I ever have through any other program. Angelica has a way with words and has guided me with ease through my entire process of creating my business. I had an idea to start a business as a trauma informed holistic coach but I was struggling because I wanted to merge it with something I had never known existed. It was hard to create a program from scratch.

I now know that the “something” I was searching for was Ayurveda. Ayurveda encompasses everything I have been searching for and has seriously changed my entire life. It has truly healed me from the inside out. Focusing on the root cause of my imbalances has helped me step into my true divine purpose. I am now confident in showing the world my voice and being seen, my symptoms for pcos have lessened significantly and I can eat things with ease that I haven’t been able to eat in years.  Another huge shift has been shifting my limiting beliefs and learning how to consistently transform them instead of letting them consume me.

Through my inner healing process, my business has skyrocketed! I feel confident knowing what offerings I want to serve to my community, and I even started to attract in clients without my business being officially launched. I now incorporate Reiki and Ayurveda consultations as part of my offerings.

This program was mind blowing in a lot of ways. However, the biggest shift I have experienced in my life is learning how to set healthy boundaries. Once I implemented my own boundaries and actually withheld them I saw a lot of toxic relationships come to the surface. I was able to discern who I want in my life, and it was such an eye opener to me on how I was using my energy. I have gone through many deaths and rebirths in this program and every time Angelica has held me with much compassion.

Today, I am most proud to share the launching of my business, allowing my visions to come to life and sharing my purpose with the world. As a trauma informed holistic coach I guide women to heal their trauma, trust their body and explore their emotions. If you want to hear more about my story, you can reach out to me on Instagram @healwithmegan.


Always sending you healing and love,


Megan Saenz