Heart Chakra Medicine for Kapha Season

May 16, 2023

Kapha season is often a time for the collective to tend to their heart chakra for a deep healing. This is because the heart chakra rules the elements air + ether, which is signified by the qualities of clarity + lightness. These elements are needed to balance the current season that brings earth + water, which represents the qualities of heaviness + cloudiness.

Some imbalances that are common this time of year is having accumulated grief 😭, lack of boundaries, weight gain, respiratory issues 🀧, experiencing depression and sadness and also having a harsh inner critic voice 🀬.

These heart chakra rituals have been particularly healing for me this Kapha Season.

Eat Green Foods πŸ₯’ - Green is the color of the heart chakra. Green vegetables are also cleansing and can clear ama in the body. Spring is the perfect time to cleanse the liver. Brussels sprouts, kale🌿 and cilantro are particularly helpful for releasing toxins in the liver. It is also interesting to note how similar leafy greens 🌳 resemble the heart πŸ’“, lungs 🫁 and capillaries and how clearing these vegetables can be for these body parts.

Tend to the Mother Wound 🀱- Our relationship to our matriarchal lineage is directly related to the heart πŸ’ž. Whenever there is heart healing, there is another layer of healing your maternal lineage. I have equally resisted and enjoyed bringing awareness to my triggers with my Mother and hearing and learning the similar patterns she experiences with my grandmother. It is fascinating to me how much gets passed down to us generationally and how powerful it is to recognize our ability to break the chain of suffering for our lineage.

Create strong boundaries πŸ™…‍♀️ - There is a constant restructuring of boundaries that have to take place with relationships to your Self and others, especially as healers. What nourished us once, may actually cause us harm later on. However, I have found that boundaries aren't so black or white or 'yes' or 'no'. Most of the time, it is exploring through trial and error the gray area of 'sometimes', 'not always' and 'today is a yes!, but tomorrow is a no.

Heart Opening Herbs πŸ’šπŸŒΏ - I love making rose tea πŸŒΉ and adding rose EO to my baths, as this herb invites in total compassion and unconditional love. Especially when tending to the heart and having to face the heaviness of grief, it is essential to have rose as an ally for comfy support πŸ₯° and to help melt the grief.

Build a Relationship with the inner critic 😑- I used to think I needed to eradicate this voice and completely shut it out whenever I noticed in speaking. But when I learned to talk to it and allow it to be fully witnessed, I began to feel the voice soften and create space for a deeper kind of love 😘. I realized that tis voice was initially created for a purpose. Although, that voice is no longer serving a higher purpose in my life, there is still a need underneath that needs to be seen and met. Just by simply talking to the voice of the inner critic helps me to understand my needs and create a new way to love myselfAlso, for my Ayurvedic healers out there who are thinking "hmmm... doesn't this have the fire element to it? Isn't this more of a pitta imbalance?". It definitely can be for Pittas! I find that Kapha imbalances can also experience this voice inwardly, even if they are not outwardly expressing it to others.

Practice Compassion πŸ₯° - Whenever I want to judge someone else for making the 'wrong' decision or want to completely villainize someone for their actions or beliefs, I immediately reflect on how I have similarly experienced those same instances and deemed them unlovable. I realize, even if I wouldn't make those same specific decisions and they may appear in a more gross and intense way than my past, who am I to judge that I will not experience something similar in the future? Who am I to say I haven't experienced a certain level of these same instances? It is these moments where the hard block in my heart begins to melt, and I learn the art of compassion πŸ’ž. This doesn't mean I have been able to find compassion for everyone or I don't experience anger ever or I let people walk all over me. I practice this internal compassion and learn how to love more parts of myself πŸ’˜. From this place, then I can take action in the situation if necessary while maintaining a deep love for myself.

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Angelica Rose
The Divine Feminine Healer