$1,008.00 USD

Divine Feminine Healing + Business Course

[ Learn how to trust yourself as a spiritual entrepreneur and be authentically visible. ]

What you'll get:

  • 10 weeks of support, accountability and resources
  • 6 LIVE coaching sessions with Angelica
  • full access to divine feminine healing + business course
  • full access to our virtual community (ability to ask questions and receive additional support)
  • full access to additional healing resources (two LIVE moon healing ceremonies + 24/7 access to meditations + yoga classes)

[ There are no refunds with purchase.]

What People Are Saying:

Now I rarely bloat have indigestion. I am much more aware of which foods or practices disrupt my balance. And because my gut is functioning so much more optimally, it's able to digest properly and produce the neurochemicals my brain uses to regulate itself and produce more serotonin without outside help. I also feel more sure-footed in my relationships, my future, myself.


From the first three sessions I gained so much clarity about what it looks like to structure my spiritual business. It was really helpful in that I felt it helped me align my mindset, what I should be focusing on. The content that you taught about seeing the aura of my social media page helped so much especially as a clairvoyant. It helped me to visualize it and I gained so much information from that. For some reason it hadn’t fully occurred to me that my business would have a distinct authentic aura like that! When that clicked I found a lot more clarity.