$555.00 USD

Divine Feminine Healing Course

[ Learn how to trust yourself as a successful healer. ]

What you'll get:

  • 5 weeks of support, accountability and resources
  • 3 LIVE coaching sessions with Angelica
  • full access to divine feminine healing course
  • full access to our virtual community (ability to ask questions and receive additional support)
  • full access to additional healing resources (two LIVE moon healing ceremonies + 24/7 access to meditations + yoga classes)

[ There are no refunds with purchase.]

What People Are Saying:

Sharing my win from week 1- I'm feeling so much clearer and trusting in myself and my body's messages. I've noticed a shift in my energy and I'm feeling much more grounded which is noticeable through me being able to better focus on one thing at a time and not jumping from one thing to another nearly as much. I've also noticed less swelling in my body especially in my face and under my jaw. I have also been allowing myself to honour my true emotions and feel the grief and sadness that has been swept away at times.