Jennifer's Story

healing stories Apr 05, 2022

Do you ever get that feeling of excitement and a little bit of nervousness when something new comes into your life? These are two feelings that I choose not to ignore anymore because I know on the other side is something wonderful.

I knew I had been needing a change and was looking at different pages on Instagram for a fresh perspective and content that really resonated with me. This is exactly how I found the Divine Feminine Healer's Academy

I did countless other methods; talk therapy, endless podcasts, you tube videos, self-growth books or seminars, exercising more, among other things. I found that these just covered up what I was unwilling to address and Divine Feminine Healer's Academy was what really helped me.

I had a lot of what felt like emotional baggage and a heavy weight on my shoulders. I knew I wanted freedom from this as well as other things that were impacting my health mentally and physically.

They guided me to see possible solutions for things that were weighing me down emotionally. As a practicing health coach; I thought everything I was doing was helping and I did not need a coach myself. Truth was, nothing was really helping and I was just continuing to cycle through old habits, and thought patterns.

I remember my doubts creeping in and all the questions I had before starting coaching. After speaking with Angelica during our consult calls, I knew in my heart this was different and I really needed to be all in to make changes.

I emerged myself in coaching, Reiki training, moon ceremonies and I paid attention to what they were sharing. Through the content they shared I have realized more about myself, others, things to work on, and most of all it makes sense (not always easy to find!).

One of the most powerful things I learned from Ayurveda is to get to the root of what is causing me to think and feel a certain way. Then look at the undesirable habits caused by it and my actions.

This point of view, plus all that they taught me about Ayurveda, really helped me to create a better daily routine. I started incorporating a solid mental and spiritual practice, movement regimen, better eating and sleeping habits.

All the shifts I made with my new daily routine helped me with mental clarity, motivation, creativity, endurance to do things, digestion, bowel movements, peace of mind and many other things.

In addition to all of those, my experience with Angelica also helped me to take a closer look at relationships. The good and the not so good ones. I have been able to release things like attachments, abandonment, outside validation, people pleasing, fear of saying no, and fear of sharing or not being accepted.

They helped me to improve current relationships and build new ones. Offering several ways for me to connect with others that have similar interests and are on an Ayurvedic journey as well. I now show up for myself every day and if I am not, I can recognize it and know how to work on it.

Working with Angelica has been life changing for me. It has renewed my passion and pursuit to get to what really gives me balance, happiness, and living what I feel is my true purpose; my own Wellness and Ayurveda Coaching Program.

I have always loved working with others on their journey to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health, but have been under strict guidelines on how to do so. I have learned so many new things and that not everyone can benefit from a traditional coaching program.

Divine Feminine Healer's Academy and Ayurveda has taught me there is more to look at and possibly do in order to feel happier mentally, physically, spiritually; and to also live out what you feel is your purpose. I learned the importance of peeling back layers for myself and others to get to what really matters.

This has been a priceless experience that I cannot write enough about. I am truly grateful for working with them and the journey it has put me on for the future. Infinite thank yous!

Love, Jennifer