Brandy's Story

healing stories Apr 05, 2022

Divine Feminine Healer's Academy came into my life at a time when I was feeling the burnout of life more than ever before. I had glamourized being busy all the time. Striving instead of thriving.

I had just spent an entire month travelling. And while travel is something I cherish deeply, I was exhausted.

I’d lost my purpose. I was spread too thin. I wasn’t showing up as my best self in any area of my life.

I worked hard for several years so I could provide a life for myself where I didn’t have to answer to anyone else. A life where I could make my own schedule and live on my own terms.

But now that I’d created that dream life, I was working harder than ever, and truly couldn’t understand why. I needed to take a breath and dig deeper than I ever had before. I needed Ayurveda before I knew it existed.

Once we began working together it started to feel like Ayurveda had been inside me all along. Like it was hiding in there, waiting for the right person to come along and help me find it. 

I’d started down my own health journey years ago; changing up the foods I was eating to address the physical symptoms I was feeling. And while my clean diet had helped me leaps and bounds in my health journey, I truly didn’t know what health looked like before Ayurveda.

I’d always thought WHAT I was eating was the culprit of my physical symptoms. Headaches that often turned to migraines, chronic constipation and bloating, sleepless nights and daily exhaustion were all things I’d been suffering from, regardless of how healthy I was eating.

And while I still believe the food I eat greatly impacts my physical wellbeing, what I didn’t know before starting my coaching program with Angelica is that my mental, emotional and spiritual health have just as much to do with my physical state as anything else.

I started working with Angelica and very quickly learned that I was living my life to please everyone else. Wow. What a realization. I wasn’t living for me. I was trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Terrified of ever letting anyone down; of not being successful in other people’s eyes. After doing the work to uncover this limiting belief, that my happiness was tied up in other people’s definition of success, I felt immediate relief. I continued working through my fears and limiting beliefs over the course of my program, often times in my sessions having major breakthroughs and ah-ha moments that left me feeling lighter and more alive.

I added in Ayurvedic practices that made me feel centered and balanced. I went from feeling angry and frustrated to finding an inner peace I had never in my life experienced before.

My physical symptoms were dissipating too. I was sleeping better and loving the energy I had throughout the day. Headaches and constipation gone too. It’s amazing how the body heals itself when the mind is at peace.

It wasn’t until I did my own healing though, and started stepping into the role of Ayurvedic Coach that the real magic happened. I learned quickly during this part of my training that this was a role I was made for.

I have been given the gift of intuition, that I’d been experiencing, but not recognizing, my entire life. My experience with Divine Feminine Healer's Academy allowed me to open up to my superpowers so that I could start helping others heal the way Rachel and Angelica have helped me.

Ayurveda has taught me to lean into my intuition and believe in myself, and if you’ll let it, it can help you uncover your superpowers too.


Brandy Gilbreth